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    Question Windows 10 1709 update triggers BSOD ... NVMe or Driver issue?

    I'm having a problem with one of my PC's. I have 4 and 3 out of the 4 updated to Win10 1709 without a problem, however, one PC simply will not update and I get the following error message (not my screenshot but the exact same error message):

    and/or this one when I used the Windows 10 Update Assistant:

    Both errors are fairly useless as they provide NO helpful hints as to what might be triggering this - one article suggest this is a driver error but NO details on which driver. I'm not using Secure Boot, my motherboard (Asus X299 PRIME DELUXE) is updated to latest BIOS (0802).

    The are MANY people reporting the exact same error after attempting to install 1709 Update:


    and even articles now being published regarding the problem:

    Apparently Microsoft are aware of the problem, but not "fix" yet.

    Anyone else manage to solve this issue without wiping their PC and starting all over from USB stick with 1709 build?

    Cheers, Rob.

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    The short answer is "No there is no fix".

    I have had the same ongoing problem as you show here for weeks and weeks now with no fix from Microsoft. They even sent me the update through Windows Update, and I still get error 0xc00000bb. I had someone at Microsoft try to update my PC through remote assistance and they could not get past the boot up error either. I am basically losing hope in Microsoft ever coming up with a fix. I am electing to just stay with version 1703 rather than do a clean install and wipe everything clean.

    You can read through this thread for lots of other comments on this continuing Microsoft problem.

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    windows tries to fix/patch 1 thing but effs up 100 other things.
    thats been w10's problem since day one, with forced updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kkn View Post
    windows tries to fix/patch 1 thing but effs up 100 other things.
    thats been w10's problem since day one, with forced updates.

    Best song for this is..

    99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs in the code
    Take one down, patch is around. 127 little bugs in the code..

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    Any update? Microsoft have been aware of this issue since Oct 23rd ... one month later and I haven't heard of any "fix" yet? Microsoft online support suggested a fix would be coming "shortly".

    And yes I have the 99 little bugs in the code T-shirt, I'm a software engineer (going back to DOS 1980's) and still coding to this day. But lately Microsoft have turned my passion for my career choice into "time to retire" or "time to look for completely different type of work". Microsoft's commitment to software engineers has steady declined since about 2000 (when Balmer took over) and is now at an all time low and rock bottom.

    I think Microsoft are blaming us developers for NOT making their Mobile platforms successful ... reality is Microsoft just dropped the ball with poor executive management decisions (Windows 8 just yet another bad decision in a long line of bad decisions) and abandoning "new" technologies just because Apple weren't going to support Microsoft's technology. But apparently this is the fault of myself and fellow software engineers so now we're being punished with sub-par operating systems and buggy development tools like Visual Studio and forced technology closure like Silverlight (which could do so much more than HTML5 and do it faster yet was killed off).

    So here I am, stuck with a PC that will not update to the latest OS. Updates that broke Visual Studio 2015 Silverlight and other web development projects, and more updates that cause CTD in many existing applications I have on my PCs. This is a future I don't want to subscribe to, it's Microsoft's failure at so many levels, my choices are go back to coding for Apple apps or retire. Was this the inevitable conclusion to Microsoft and my career? Or could things have been different from Microsoft?

    Maybe I should write a book "How to kill a software engineers passion, make them work with Microsoft" ... since I started this career path from Day one on Bill Gates calendar, I have considerable experience watching the evolution of Microsoft from it's rise to it's fall.

    Cheers, Rob.
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    MS is hosting an AMA specifically for the Fall Creators Update. I would encourage all of you with this issue to participate and voice you concerns.

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    I've been present with similar events held by Microsoft, they unfortunately will not answer questions that are this specific. The events are more about product promotion (i.e. 1709 build release) not really intended to be "support" ... if you're lucky they may say "we'll look into it". These are NOT events that will bring about "change" or "fixes".

    Cheers, Rob.

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    I turned off W10 auto updates in policies thru Admin acct for 3 machines. It had been good until recently Windows still forced Creators update on one of them for no good reason, bypassing my Admin policies. I was ticked. Fortunately, knocking on wood, there have been so far no apparent issues with this machine. The other two are still holding firmly to policy, again I must knock.

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