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    G20CI Memory upgrade to 2666mhz

    Has anyone upped their memory speed? I know I'm running single channel 16GB CL-17 2400MHZ but I'm thinking of swapping to Kingston HyperX 2666mhz CL-15. According to Crucial, the G20CI supports DDR4 2666mhz but does it actually run at that speed?

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    No, that is useless. Even if you have a 7700 or a 7400 as a CPU, they're natively limited to run DDR4 at 2400Mhz at most and 2133Mhz at least. (Intel 7700 page)

    These processors are not eligible to overclocking which is better when you tweak yours RAM sticks, but not necessary. You can configure your RAM if you wish some improvements.

    We can think that it could be more interesting to take a 2133Mhz RAM stick with a CAS lower than 2400Mhz RAM stick, but it shall not give any significant advantage and worse, you'll loose in the bandwith test!

    Indeed, with 2400Mhz RAM, your bandwith shall be equal to 19200GBps against 17056GBps for 2133Mhz memory frequency, quite better!
    Whereas the latency for 2400Mhz RAM with a 14 CAS is 12,5ns against 12,2ns for a 2133Mhz RAM with a 13 CAS, the benefit is really too low.

    The best you can do is to choose a 2400Mhz RAM with the quickest timing and CAS possible. The quickest I've found is 14 CAS from HyperX (Link)

    By the way Dual Channel have some advantages against Single Channel if you work on videos softwares or Photoshop softwares but not especially for gaming. It depends of each game. You should take 2 8Go RAM sticks for the simple reason that if one stick dies, you'll still have one last to run the pc.
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