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    Lightbulb Recommended maximum allowed speakers for direct attach to Asus Soar?

    Can I connect a very small speaker directly to the Asus Soar audio card?

    I'm clearly new to audio cards.

    The audio card has a dedicated power cable connector (like the GPU) to be attached to the power supply. So is capable to push more than a traditional weak signal. My PC power supplay is 1100 W.

    > What is the maximum allowed speaker I can apply directly to the audio card Asus Soar?
    IN ORDER OF MILLIWATTS = Very little

    > How much power do I have?
    Very little

    > Can I burn my card attaching a normal 100w speaker?

    > Can I use for example a JBL Cinema 610 power 100W, Nominal Impedance 4 ohms or a JBL Northridge N24AWII
    recommended 100W, 200 Watts max and 8 Ohms Nominal Impedance?
    You need an synth amplifier to connect to the passive speakers or Powerade speakers

    Thanks for your time and knowledge!
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