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    Quote Originally Posted by TorwaK View Post
    I already tested the RAM sticks using memtest around 5 hours. It passed each test and completed successfully. I believe the issue is related to BIOS. High memory frequency (3866Mhz) and my CPU overclock prevents the boot due to not sufficient voltages VCCIO/VCCSA etc.

    Probably it will be fixed at future BIOS releases.
    Memtest86? or HCI Memtest? The former won't tell you anything conclusive at all and is not relevant anymore. My last post stands, MRC FB disables memory training after the initial cold boot and retains settings in NVRAM, but you need test with a more thorough memory stress test to conclude the system is now stable.

    As I say, if you are HCI memtest stable then there's no concern using the feature suggested by Shamino. The issue is not with the UEFI version, but with the applied settings not being stable enough to pass memory training.
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