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    Quote Originally Posted by Contrail View Post
    I've got two Corsair Vengeance Pro kits in the system. One was a 16GB kit and the other a 32GB kit.

    I can see the CAS latencies are different in CPU-Z, although I'm sure I had this problem before I put the 16GB kit in.

    There's a post on this forum that talks about problems mixing RAM kits, even if the model is the same - something about sub-latencies being an issue.

    This could be the next place to look if the system isn't stable after doing CMOS reset.
    That's correct. Mix and match is a no-no. Try removing one of the kits and test with a single kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cekeu View Post
    I think may be a failure of the graphics card
    Thanks for responding, and yes I pretty much agree this is the problem.

    I've done some research and have discovered that factory OC'd GTX970's have this problem with intermitant black screen. It has never been accepted by the manufactor's or proven by people testing the cards who have the problem, but it seems to point towards sensors in the card (or specific components) not being capable enough to cope with certain factory OC'd designs of this model.

    So I've thrown a load of links at EVGA and asked them to RMA the card and even if they test it and prove nothing is wrong I'm not going to accept any charges or whatever as this is definitely a problem with this model.

    I think the lesson I've learn't here is be careful about buying factory OC'd graphics cards. You are better off buying a model more aligned to the reference design, and then doing the OC'ing yourself, or just spend the extra cash and buy the next card up.


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