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    R6A - Bad Samsung NVMe Performance


    I just wanted to ask you guys how your Samsung NVMe SSDs are performing on the R6A and R6E? Mine is pretty bad, as I only get about seq. read write of roughly 2400/1700 mb/s (with a 960 Pro 512GB). IOPS seem to be ok though. The SSD was performing at full speed in my RVE Board. In another thread here on the forum I saw reports of similiar speeds while others were having no issue at all. A friend of mine has the exact same issue on his R6A.

    The SSD is placed in Dimm1 (which is supposed to be better as it is directly connected to the CPU). But I also tried Dimm2 which actually made no difference.

    Here are the other specs of my sys:

    i9 7900X
    Rampage VI Apex (UEFI 1004)
    32GB G.Skill 3200 Quad Channel Kit
    Samsung SSD 960 Pro 512GB (latest firmware "3")
    Titan X - PCIE x16/x8_1 slot
    Intel Dual 10GBE Nic - PCIE x16/x8_3 slot
    Intel DC P3250 1,2TB PCIe SSD - PCIE x8_4 slot
    Seasonic Prime Titanium 1000W

    Another thing I noticed is that the Samsung Magician won't open when an Intel NVMe SSD is installed. As soon as I disable the Intel SSD in the device manager Samsung Magician opens (but that shouldn't be related to my performance issue).

    Thanks in advance!
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