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    My problems with asus

    A year ago I had decided to build a new desktop, also ordered the asus pg279q to go along nicely with my asus 1080 and x99 strix motherboard.

    1st problem, dirt behind the pg279q screen, Asus had took for repair came back about 20 days later - they had given me a pg278q and not only did they send me a £300 cheaper panel (after only a month of owning it), it was covered in some sort of white chalk which must have been on the repair bench. Obviously annoyed I complained to overclockers and they allowed me to switch to a different brand monitor.

    2nd problem 2 months after using my motherboard (asus strix x99) it had died, turned off my pc and would not boot just sat there with lights on and a bright red LED next to the cpu socket which isnt anywhere to be seen in the manual so who knows what its for, the cpu still works so it cant be that, I never overclock or tweak anything with my components. I understand these things can happen so I rma it and overclockers replaced it pretty quickly after identifying it did indeed die.

    3rd problem fast forward to now the replacement managed to last me a whole 10 months before it reached the same fate as its previous board, the exact same issue, lights remained on and a big fat red led in the top left.of the cpu socket.

    So now I'm in the process of talking to overclockers which by the way are the only helpful company in this process. I'm pretty shocked by your quality standards and after speaking to your support team you clearly do not value your customers. After the rma process do I really want to put a motherboard that cant even last a year back in? Not really. So unless you or overclockers can exchange it for a different board that actually works Im about £260 out of pocket thanks to your sub standard motherboard.

    Seems to be a huge problem with this board in particular all you have to do is read the newegg reviews and it tells you everything.

    The only thing Ive bought from you that actually works is the 1080, and I wouldnt be surprised if that goes soon either.

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    Hello Snake9419
    Can you please send me a PM with any of the following details that you do have available?

    Product S/N:
    Case ID#:

    Also please pass me your contact details:
    Full name:

    I'll pass your case to related personnel and department for further investigation
    Thank you

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