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    Asus G752VS (i7-6820HK) fan and exhaust question...

    Hello everyone,
    A bit of a noob question/inquiry...
    When my (i7-6820HK) cpu is pushed hard, the fan responds and I can hear it kicking up... but I am concerned that only the LEFT side of the rear exhaust port blows out hot air. (When I mean the LEFT side, I mean when I am facing the laptop's monitor and my LEFT hand can feel the rear exhaust port pushing air out BUT the RIGHT exhaust port does hardly anything).

    Why is the RIGHT side exhaust port barely blowing out anything? Is this normal?
    From what I can gather.. the GPU is on the LEFT side and the CPU is on the RIGHT side... I assume that the RIGHT side should push out more air OR at least the same amount as the LEFT rear exhaust port.

    By the way... when I play BF 1, the temps easy goes up to 75-85 degrees within 20 mins.
    BUT for several weeks when I first bought the game... it use to stay at a very comfortable 65-75 degrees for hours on end.

    My BIOS version is :
    G752VS.306 with release date of 10/19/2016

    I am also using the current version of ROG Gaming Center software app.

    Thank you for anyone who could help me out.
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