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Thread: Maximus Hero X

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyc26 View Post
    I just had a look and my VRM sensor does not read the same as the motherboard sensor. Doesn't read te same as any other sensor. Of course, it's at the stage where I even wonder if what HWinfo is reporting as VRM in EC monitoring is a VRM sensor at all.
    Actually I'm starting to question my theory. It seems that this Motherboard sensor heats up under load really rapidly. Far faster than I would expect a VRM under a heatsink would. Other than that, it seems like a reasonable proxy. But you are probably right.

    Luckily my chaeap-o Z370E actually came with a thermalcouple sensor accessory. I had it hanging in the middle of the case and labeled it Ambient Temp. It looks about the right size & shape to cram between VRM blocks under the heatsink so I might try jamming it in there or maybe just strapping it somehow with some thermal paste to the back side of the heatsink itself. This will probably solve my rapid fan rpm ramping problem probably with a little tweaking of the ramp curve.

    It sure would be nice if ASUS documented thermal sensor locations somewhere.

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    Well, you have two choices, one RMA the board or two, live with it. Your board does not have a VRM sensor. If what you are saying is correct then sling the board back to Asus. Also this post relates to the Hero X and not your board.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by no1yak View Post
    Well, you have two choices, one RMA the board or two, live with it. Your board does not have a VRM sensor. If what you are saying is correct then sling the board back to Asus. Also this post relates to the Hero X and not your board.
    Fair enough, although it's really a wider Z370-series lack of VRM temp probe issue than Hero-X specific. But I like the Z370-E and don't RMA stuff unless it's actually defective. (Lets not argue about whether loss of VRM sensor = defect)

    FWIW for those who are interested: After experimenting last night I realized my theory is just wrong. Although 'Motherboard' behaves similarly to how a VRM sensor would, it's not a very good proxy - might as well as use CPU temp sensor. But because of stupid ASUS limitations, I can't use that because it forces 100% duty cycle above 75C which is WAY TOO LOUD.

    I tried taping the included round T_Sensor thermocouple to the heatsink but couldn't get the reading to move *at all* which is really weird. Still reads ambient case temp even though heatsink is too hot to touch. (?) Does T_Sensor even work or defective sensor? Am going to order a flat tapeable style 10K sensor to see if that works better.

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    Guys, I found that thermal sensor, that named as T2 on HWiNFO64 is the VRM sensor!!! I hope that it will helps someone. I measure VRM temps under LinX load and compare it with sensor values. They are same.
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    I dont think that T2 is a VRM temperature on my Hero. T2 seems to depend on the CPU temperature. T2 is not really the CPU temperature of the cores or package, I suppose it is a temperature probe on the mainboard near the CPU socket. T2 temperature is going down too fast after load for a passive cooled VRM.

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    Paging Raja@Asus

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    I'd like to conform that T2 is vrm on my Hero x.

    I have insulated the heatsink and temps for T2 went far higher than normal, after seeing this I used a air pump with a hose attached and directed air directly on the same vrm heat sink and T2 temps went down. These tests I did were under P95 small fft, I allowed about ten minutes for temps to stabilize before tests and the same during and after. Ambient temps were the same, in fact all conditions were identical. I'm convinced after isolating the VRM heat sink that T2 is VRM.

    It would be nice is someone could confirm this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SherardG View Post
    Paging Raja@Asus

    Almost a year and I am amazed by fantastic Customer Support provided by Asus on this TOPIC. No one at ASUS bother to look at their ROG Forums?.

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    They've revised the image to exclude the thermal sensor on the VRM area.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So what is T2 then if not the VRM...?

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