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    Some other questions regarding GL702ZC's BIOS...

    Aside from the SVM being disabled and not configurable, I'm having a few more questions about the BIOS of my GL702ZC:

    1. From looking into the BIOS file, I found some hidden options (not visible to the user) regarding some internal security mechanisms under the CPU section, such as AMD CPU fTPM. Are those features really available for this model? If yes, can end users control (own) those security features if needed?
    2. Does the bios support XMP? So far I did not find anything related to it, and the laptop apparently supports only up to 2400MHz according to a hidden memory clock option. Apparently it's needed to run the currently available DDR4 memory kits to their intended SPD specs and without it, the kits would most likely be no different from the standard ones performance-wise, as they'll be running using conventional JEDEC SPD specs.
    3. Given the fact that the Ryzen CPU itself has validated ECC support, does this laptop has the ability to support ECC memory as well? Right now I don't see related functions in the BIOS so maybe not...

    EDIT: Maybe the mouse and touchpad pointer issue is related to power, as I had that issue when I was using the battery. When using AC power, the touchpad seems a bit oversensitive. But in any case the pointer movement is not smooth.

    Apparently, there are some kits that seemingly put optimized values directly in the SPD so the RAM will always run at their intended specs, like the Corsair Vengeance CMSX32GX4M2A2400C16 (16GBx2 DDR4 2400MHz CL16 kit) I just installed.

    EDIT 2: Added the question regarding possible ECC support which I intended to ask earlier, though given my current RAM kit I no longer need this for the time being, it might still be helpful for some.
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