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    Zenith Extreme + Corsair Vengeance = Canít go above 2133MHz!?!?

    I have a Zenith Extreme and am trying to run it with 64GB (8x8GB) via two sets of CMR32GX4M4C3200C16. Itís Corsair Vegeance RGB with XMP of 3200MHz. I know actually getting it to run at 3200MHz is nearly impossible for this motherboard, but I was hoping I could at least get it to run at 2666Mhz or 3066MHz.

    Unfortunately, every combination above 2133 wonít post.. just reboot cycles 4-5 times until it resets the memory settings. Iíve tried 3 dozens of different timings and speeds. Anyone have a set of settings that work? Do I need to install the sticks one at a time and reboot or some other special tricks?

    Again, not trying get it to full XMP profile, but halfway there would be nice!
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