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    Quote Originally Posted by xrb936 View Post
    2 sets of F4-3200C14D-16GTZR

    Right now I have vccio as 1.15, vccsa as 1.1. Memory voltage is 1.4, 3800 w/18-18-18-38. I can boot now, but it won't pass the first loop of MemTest64.

    I had a feeling you were, which is why I asked for the part number specifically. You're going to have to tune things manually, including relaxing some of the sub-timings.

    If not wanting to be in the situation you're in now, you shouldn't mix memory kits. Plenty of information can be found at the following:

    Bottom line and take away points here are that kits are binned at the frequency, timings and density they are sold in. By mixing them you are eating into what's referred to as the guardband put in place by the memory vendor. If after relaxing timings further and increasing the memory voltage you're unable to get the system stable, return the kit to the place of purchase and purchase a single memory kit that's listed on the motherboard QVL.
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