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    Arrow Zenith RAM issue (Ram is on QVL)and Raid 1 question

    Hey guys!

    I was building my new PC and I am using F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR RAM which is on the QVL. However, I cant get any of the 4 sticks to work on the right side. After spending a lot of time and checking them one by one. I was able to run all four on the left 4 slots.

    Are they supposed to work like that? I wanted 2 on each side.

    My question is does it matter in which slot I put them? Is there a sequence? I think not but trying to be sure.

    Also I tried to put them at 3200 MHz and the system wont boot up at all. How can I make them run at the advertised frequency?

    My 1950x Thread-ripper CPU is running over 50C temp on Kraken 62x. Is that normal? I will apply a new thermal paste tomorrow and see if it comes down a bit but the temp seems high. No overclocking has been done so far.

    I am running ROG ZENITH EXTREME BIOS 0701 which I just updated today and it did not seem to solve the RAM slots issue.

    Other parts I have put in so far are a M.2 from Corsair, EVGA PSU and EVGA 1080ti

    I am still building it so any advice or heads up would me much appreciated.

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