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    Exclamation Help - B350-F doesn't power on anymore D:

    Hi all of the ROG forum i should came here 1st and for most and to assure no mistake go wrong... but just my luck...

    Sorry if i rammble overdue and i lot of brain analyzing i'm tired and mad not using what i paid for

    ok so Nov 10th got nice also Asus monitor (VX238) and ok got home excited adjusted room which took a while then to my dream come true part

    cued up kyle (bitwit) video on how to put a computer together and to my goal got fans spining! just no BIOS flash screen...

    Now, current issue and what may caused it to go down hill maybe.. i'm lost and angry with trying to pick what went wrong

    Q: was using the PSU i have (EVGA 450 watt) as a kill switch a bad thing? i did it 3 times or so then just holding the power button to turn it off and find what is up

    then someone who was not me steeped in pulling rather hard on cables me being teird and up way into next day didn't say anything to now on my laptop
    to oh hey also ASUS (model K73E) and has a problem of it's own with windows not updating but main task of the post here..

    i get the Aura glow and orange light when plug case (RaidMax Ninja II) in how i did before and just to say let me try it the other way with the lable of power/reset not facing me

    to nothing now any finale words to do next!?

    RMA seems like the thing since where i got it (NewEgg) warranty is over i got it back in September & i have no funds to ship it at the moment even worse

    and i'm done, thanks in advance

    - Matt

    Edit: PSU wasn't & isn't the issue

    could be My Case or that's what i still need to find out

    and can i get a assurance on the IO and connectors go with text facing front as that's how i got power on's before
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