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    Question G751 JT Battery status stuck at 32%, how to reset battery?

    I'm using ROG G751 JT . So , for some reason this problem only occur to me yesterday.

    My power status is stuck at 32% . After using the laptop for 1-2 hours, the orange indicator light will blink. When I check the Power, it says Plugged In , Not Charging at 32%. When I unplug the power adapter, my laptop shuts down immediately.

    After shutting down and without the adapter plugged in, I can't switch on my laptop .

    Basically when the adapter is plug in, ONLY can the laptop power on .

    I also want to know how does the RESET Battery button is . I heard that it can fix it . I need to know what happened to it .

    Thanks .

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    ye good question...!!

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