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    Unhappy I"m disappointed with the quality and support so far.

    Last week bought my new PG348Q.
    Out of the box I got very bad Backlight Bleed. I've trying to get used to it, it is very hard, I feel that this monitor is way overpriced for it to have such a big flaw.

    Wrote to support on asus, they said ask local company where I bought the device for support.
    I've talked with the support team in the local company where I bought the Monitor (I'm from Hungary, bought the device from HRP Europe Ltd.). They said they won't replace the whole monitor but they are able to repair it, "replacing" the screen -if they receive a better one.

    Now my problem is this:
    Out of the box the issue is visible and afaik all monitors will have bleed there is a lottery on which one get better. This is unacceptable.
    The support want me to bring back my screen, wait for repair time (which will take weeks, it took asus for 3weeks just to get my device here, for the repair prob. it will take at least 3-4weeks). Unacceptable, I would stay without monitor for such a long time.
    The local support guy said they wouldn't RMA the device anyways. Unacceptable.

    I've got some replies from the local retailer also that it shouldn't be so serious, it depends on what light is in the room and what "direction" I'm looking at the screen from. Which is also unacceptable answer with an IPS screen where I got 170degrees view angle. I shouldn't move my head or tilt the screen then? (but anyways the effect is always this strong no matter what you do, so that is not true either what they were stating)...

    I don't feel like raising another ticket to asus support, when they just tell me to go and talk to the local retailer, who will just say they can only repair (the unrepairable).
    What should I do now, I'm very disappointed currently. Attached my picture from the monitor I made during loading screen of one particular game, but this is kind of the same thing when you watch a movie with dark screen, etc. And I love the color and the screen itself! IT looks and feels amazing! The Backlight Bleed however completely killing the immersion.
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos PG348Q_Div_Bleed01.jpg  

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    ***Moved to Service Inquiry section for review by ASUS.***

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    Hello _H0PE_
    We recommend bringing your unit to your local company for repairs
    This may be the quickest way for you
    Thank you

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