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    I noticed that the manual states the 2 sticks should be installed in slots C1 A1, while the QVL states "2 DIMMs: Supports two (2) modules inserted into one pair of dark gray slots as one pair of Dual-channel memory configuration. Install the modules into slots B1 and D1 for better compatibility."

    I would expect ASUS to at least put enough effort in to it's product to insure that it's documentation would agree with it self.

    I physically checked the ram I have and it is single ranked, which leads me to believe it's Hynix.

    Then I found this nugget here:
    In general (on Ryzen) you can expect up to 3466 MHz (without BCLK-OC) with Samsung B-Die (on AGESA Bios Versions), up to 2933 MHz (without BCLK-OC) with Samsung D/E/S-Die (AGESA Hynix A/M-Die are mostly working @ 3200 MHz with AGESA Do note that Dual Rank RAM is faster than Single Rank. E.g. 2933 MHz Dual Rank is faster than 3200 MHz Single Rank. Single/Dual Rank is not to be confused with Single/Dual Channel (Dual Channel is always better).
    Then I found this nugget here:
    Your specific kit of ram could contain either of two different types of chips. If the chips on the stick of ram are on both sides (dual rank) then you've got Samsung D-Die chips. If the chips are all on one side (single rank), you've got Hynix M-Die. Source

    I give this information because Ryzen simply may not be capable of running your 3200MHz rated kit at 3200MHz. Ryzen boards have gotten much better with ram compatibility, but not every ram kit will work with every board. It's just too early in the Ryzen platform to have all the kinks worked out.

    You could try manually setting the voltage to 1.4 and trying 3200MHz. You could change the command rate to 2T instead of 1T. You could loosen the timings a bit more, 18-18-18-18-38. Or you can live with 3066, to be completely honest, you'll never notice the difference.
    Any one have a confirmation on if AGESA is compatible with hynix ram with the way AGESA changed in 804?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitrios1971 View Post
    These settings are not yet visible in RZE's BIOS (0801-0804)

    You mean something like that...
    Attachment 69511
    Attachment 69512
    Attachment 69513

    first time i see this, but it seem its not the same sub menu

    mine is

    Click image for larger version. 

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