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    I am having poblem with my asus strix z370-f motherboard, for months now I've been trying to fix this but I can't. The motherboard IS NOT RECOGNIZED by the aura software. I've tried this method but it doesn't work. I've tried to reinstall it multiple times but I can't.

    My rams are recognized by the software, and I can set the lights for them without any issues. But this motherboard color cycle is annoying.

    Any suggestions?

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    Asus is radomly using 2 lighting profiles?

    Hi, I recently built a pc and started having stuttering issues and freezing issues with the rainbow effect on the Asus ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming motherboard and the lights on the RAM; RGB Tridentz.

    things I have done to trouble shoot:

    -Uninstalled the aura software and reset; no fix; still stuttering and freezing at shutdown.
    -Downloaded REVO uninstaller and removed all of ASUS lighting services and application; no fix; still stuttering, profiles now work.
    -Completely deleted windows, updated the motherboards bios, fresh install of windows, updated drivers and windows; no fix, things got weirder, now the motherboard has a red light in "breathing mode" on while running and the RAM is on rainbow effect, no ASUS aura programs have been downloaded and the settings seems to be on.

    not sure what I did to cause this to happen but at shut down the light turns to rainbow effect, on stand by the ram syncs in the rainbow effect and when running the effects are rainbow on the RAM and "Red Breathing" on the motherboard.

    I would like to download the asus software
    but would this affect it would change the settings/"glitch"?
    I have arranged my rig to work around the "issue" which looks nice.

    is this normal of the aura program? or will downloading the software remove this "cool effect"?
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