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    Quote Originally Posted by vennacher View Post
    Doh! Sorry for my dyslexia. I read Rampage VI as Rampage IV. Just ignore my last post.
    ...guess what, I just looked over my friends computer who was using my previous MB, Rampage IV (X79, tested with the latest bios 4901). It had all the same problems with FCU as I did with Rampage VI.

    It's easy to test if FCU is working correctly or not.

    After clean install open Edge and write "hwinfo" to the address bar and click the first result from the bing ( When you click the link, almost every time Edge freezes. If it opens without freezing, click download and download installer link. From there click FossHub (Fast CDN), in this link Edge will freeze always if FCU has problem.

    Other method is installing chrome (usually Edge freeze on this also) and when chrome is installed, visit on some web site and try to create shortcut to the desktop by dragging the link to the desktop. Chrome will freeze.

    In last method, after clean install and type settings on start and windows settings opens. Usually you cannot click any of the icons but if you can it will with high probability freeze when you try to open "Update & security".

    Explorer freezing, file system errors (acl errors), edge freezing... on X79 and X299 boards what I have tested. This is not isolated problem only on X299 but on X79 also which is alarming. It means that FCU breaks on majority of the Asus boards. I should receive board from Asrock soon post updates how things go with that board...

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