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    ASUS live update

    My live update program for the G73Jh stops downloading past a certain point. What do I do? I dont do aything to stop it, it just dosnt download after 1/5th of the configuration is downloaded.

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    i hear from other forum that it is one of the most useless answer
    and i tried, doesnt work ...either

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    I wouldn't worry about it. Try getting everything you need directly from the ASUS website and installing manually. Perhaps you can find a newer version of the ASUS software that will work better as well.
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    I uninstalled it without a problem and downloaded manually whatever driver I need to update. It was happen to me too but I think maybe the cause is the slower servers of Asus.

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    I have a G73JW-A1 and I too am having a problem with the Asus Live Update hanging and not completing the downloads. Yes, I know that I can download and install them manually, but it's a pita to do each one individually.

    Here's what I found about the Asus Live Update on the asus website is that the antivirus and "system monitoring agent" should be turned off before clicking "Ok" and starting the update. I know how to turn off the antivirus, but I have no idea what the "system monitoring agent" is, what it is called, how to find it, etc., much less how to turn it off.

    Here's a link to where I found the information:

    If someone could kindly tell me how to turn off the system monitoring agent I'd be so very thankful.

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    I believe they are referring to a software firewall.
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    I wouldn't recommend taking the risk of turning off your anti-virus or firewall. This program is as useless as... well, something that's really really useless (maybe like a Chevrolet Diesel). If you really want the updates, go to the website and do it the old fashioned way. I know it's a pain to navigate, but you'll get faster and better results than a program telling you what you need.

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