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    For Information: Bios freeze

    With the Hero X and the 8700K (Bios is actual)

    I have in my PC a 500GB SSD (850EVO) with Windows and a 3 TB HD with Data's. No drive else!
    If I go inside the Bios to the Boot option my SSD is staying on 1. place.
    Second place is the HD and 3. place the IBA GE Slot (Network card)

    If I deactivate in Boot the HD, because here is nothing to boot from then this works but about 30 seconds later the Bios will freeze.
    Did this 2 times and 2 times the Bios will freeze.

    I tested also, if I do other things in the Bios but don't do, what I described, than I have no problems in the bios.

    I don't need help on this matter, because i just let the HD inside the Boot option's. Just like to report it.

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