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    i7 8700 non K voltage help

    Hello forum,
    Just finished my first build ever, using it for producing music.

    I have the non k 8700 with a z370 strix-I gaming motherboard.
    XMP is enabled because of my ram that is 3200mhz (16gb), but all other things is set to auto/stock.
    Cpu core ratio is on auto.
    I have also set Asus MCE to disable.

    When i run my DAW music software wich will be the typical max load for me, I get very high voltage numbers.

    VCORE: 1392v (have seen it over 1400 also)
    VID: 1515v

    is this normal?
    how do i fix this?

    Running on the latest (not beta) version of bios

    Thanks in advance
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