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    Suggestions Required


    Hello everyone

    Is ASUS right for me.

    Somebody suggested me ASUS. So I visited the website and it appeared to me from the site as well as forum that lot of good gaming systems are made by ASUS. I just need your suggestions because I am not a gaming person, and I need a laptop to carry out my daily work. I am here for your suggestion because I want to know a few things. Is it possible to customize ASUS laptops. I didn't found any such option on the website.Also I found on the website, that many of them are configured with i7 and I didn't found many with i-5 core, because I wnated to get one with i-5

    Because my work revolves around few software like Visual Studio Team Foundation , TOAD, Mathematica and also Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, I was looking at the K series. Or maybe if someone can suggest me which series to look at?

    Thank you

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    our gaming notebooks which are pretty much the most powerful notebooks that we offer are the G series. currently G53 or G73. both feature a core i7 740, and GTX460m. these are pretty big notebooks tho, im not sure if you need something mobile.

    asus does not offer customization to the user but there are some etailers out there that will customize it for you, check out the etailers here:

    asus notebooks are designed for easy upgrades for your harddrive, if you want a harddrive and ssd, its something you can easily do yourself. ram is also very easy to upgrade if needed. theoretically you can upgrade or downgrade the cpu as well. but this could void warranty. graphics card is a mxm module so it can be swapped out, but only problem is the heatsink assembly may not be able to fit the next gen cards, so im not sure if this upgrade is realistic. but it goes to show what we are capable of doing.

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    Since we have no info about where you are from I will use the international web site. These are few that could be good for you.
    Look at this list and maybe change the preference on the top of the page to find a model that is good for you.

    Colenzo :Coolermaster ATCS 840 | Gigabyte's EP55-UD5 | Intel Core I7 860 @ 3.8Ghz | 4GB G.skill Trident 1600 | MSI GTX460 1GB HAWK Twin frozr | WD 640 black + WD 1TB green + WD 1TB Blue | Pionner DVR-216 | Silverstone Strider Plus 850W | Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus in push pull fan config |

    Ask for more!

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    Thank you very much.

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