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    Endless issues with my G20CB

    To say the least, I've had numerous issues with my G20CB. We can reference the following RMAs

    RMA #s

    USG1724986 (Damage Claim Attached to this)

    Long story short:
    BIOS bricked, motherboard replaced. Replacement motherboard fails after 3 months. Goes in for another MB, gets replaced and comes back with damage to case. Over 3 times back and forth to repair damage, each time service center saying no damage noted even though Asus has extensive photos and I taped the effected area and left a note describing it (can't say service techs can read english for sure). Motherboard died AGAIN. 6 month warranty extension noted on last RMA, though PC came back with lights not hooked up last return and I fixed myself noting I didn't want another two week repair due to Asus ineptitude.

    Fast forward, still in warranty period, PC upon startup may or may not display video (at Bios level), also crashes more and more often coming out of sleep). Call, they finally offer replacement but even though I never had an issue before, they state the lack of 2nd drive (it died) and my SSD replacement voids warranty. I offered to buy and throw in the same Toshiba 1tb secondary drive (even though they should pay for replacement of in-warranty drive), seemingly a distant corporate who you cannot contact doesn't like that offering and still won't honor warranty even though US law prohibits them from turning me down on this.

    Current case is N171297487, Dwight (a nicer service rep then previous who read like a robot and just stated "option not available") has written to corporate again and awaiting response.
    Asus G20CB - Core i7 6700, Nvidia GTX980, 16GB Ram, 256GB SK Hynix SSD, 1TB Samsung SSD.

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