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    ROG Guru: White Belt Array CODE MAXIMUS PC Specs
    MotherboardMAXIMUS IX CODE • BIOS 1009
    Processor7700K • 4.5GHz
    Memory (part number)Corsair Vengeance LPX • CMK16GX4M2B3600C18 ver4.31 • 3866MHz • 15-15-15-36-2CR
    Graphics Card #1ASUS STRIX 1080Ti OC
    Sound CardOnboard • SupremeFX S1220
    MonitorASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q
    Storage #1Intel Optane 900P 480GB
    CPU Cooler2016 EKWB Supremacy EVO • Acetal + Nickel • Straight Distilled Water
    CaseCORSAIR AIR 540
    Power SupplyEVGA Supernova 850W P2
    Keyboard HyperX FPS Alloy TKL
    Mouse SteelSeries SENSEI 310
    Headset Coolermaster Masterpulse
    Mouse Pad SteelSeries QCK Limited
    Headset/Speakers 100W BLACKWEB ZULU 2.1 • Soundbar + 8" Sub • TOSLINK
    OS WIN 10 64bit
    Network RouterNETGEAR X4S • Gigabit fiber optic connection
    Accessory #1 3X Corsair Magnetic Levitation 140mm PWM case fans
    Accessory #2 2X Corsair Magnetic Levitation 120mm PWM radiator fans
    Accessory #3 APC XS 1000 • Backup
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    Finally got my ASUS Strix 1080 Ti (OC edition) card tuned to max and fully stable (just retired my GTX 1070 FE). Right now I'm pretty into Destiny 2 and with this overclock this card stays at a steady 2038 MHz. I also play with adaptive refresh rate with a capped framerate and with highest settings in Destiny 2 I get a constant 84 fps from this card, doesnt hiccup one bit and those triple fans keep it all cool. No shunt or unlocked power limit mods. For the life of me I tried to get GPU Tweak 2 to work but had to revert back to AB. Don't get me wrong it worked but even if I selected "minimize on startup" it would never do so as well as on shutdown I was getting windows shutdown message "Program Manager" is preventing shutdown. My Maximus Z270 Code motherboard has been nothing but flawless overclocking my 7700K to 5.2GHz on water 82C max / average 50C gaming. Not to mention I've had my Corsair modules pushed all the way to 4000MHz even though Overwatch and Destiny 2 just won't allow that to happen : P My PG279 monitor has also been nothing but great, no black light bleed, killer aesthetics and of course overclockable to 165Hz with beautiful IPS panel. I am sold on ASUS, thanks for making great gaming gear for the gaming people out there. I have never ever had a single issue with an ASUS product dating all the way back my very first ASUS motherboard with a intel PII chip, even with AMD and their Phenom what was it 945, all my Sabertooth boards have been rock-solid, never had an issue what-so-ever.Only thing that is NOT ASUS is my keyboard, mice and headphones. Reason being, Logitech's mechanical ROMER-G keys are just beyong gnikcuf awesome and don't be fooled about their wireless G403 mouse, there's no issue with it being wireless except no distraction of moving a cord with it, maybe ASUS partnering up with OMRON to make their own proprietary key may be something in the future, who knows but I will be on the lookout. So basically this my product feedback for a little bit of differant stuff from ASUS.
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