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    Need help, Asus zenith extreme + samsung nvme 960 pro.

    Hi !!!
    Im tired trying install samsung 960 pro into a asus zenith extreme.

    Someone with the same Mobo and a samsung nvme (or another) , can tell me if in the bios / advanced / onboard devices configuration , appears the nvme ?? conected in M.2_1 or into Dimm.2_m.2_1 or into dimm.2_m2_2 ??

    If the nvme appears in the bios , how you install it ? or what bios you used?

    i try a lot of configurations and bios, and never see the nvme in the bios, only recognized in boot section, but in the ezmode sata information, never apperars. It say M.2_1 N/A
    Dimm.2_m.2_1 N/A
    dimm.2_m2_2 N/A

    and no options nvme configurations appear into the advanced mode.

    Someone can help me please. I only need if someone see the nvme into de bios ezmode sata info or into onboard devices...and if you can see them, tell my the bios you are using, and how you install it. thanks a lot.

    i dont know if the mobo is broken , or is a bios problem. I try to conect in another m2 slots, (dimm2 , m2_1...) and not appear. I used another nvme and never appears.
    i tried it with 2 different samsung 960 pro and nothin change.

    In my bios i only see that;
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9828360img20171220141726.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9828362img20171220141820.jpg 
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    thanks a lot.

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