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    Over 2 months repair (Still waiting)

    About 2 months ago my Asus laptop shut off and would not turn back on. I decided to not deal with the annoyance of finding the issue and fixing it since I still had warranty. Later that day I printed out an RMA sheet and sent the laptop to Asus for repair. A week or so passes and the tracking number information says the laptop was received. However, I hadn't received any email telling me this. I assumed it took a few days to get to that, so I waited. About another week passed and I still hadn't received any notification of my laptop being received. I got worried and emailed Asus asking if they had receivedmy laptop and if they found out the issue. Luckily they responded to this email very quickly and told me they had received the laptop and the issue was a fried motherboard. I was happy to hear that they assessed the issue and assumed they had begun repair.

    ANOTHER week of me checking the RMA site for possible updates about my laptops repair passes and nothing came around. No "testing" or anything of that sort. I emailed Asus again asking for a time estimate of when my laptop would be fixed. A day later they tell me they just received the motherboard from across seas and the repair would begin promptly. With this being said I decided to be patient and wait. Weeks pass and still nothing new. Not a single email notifying me of the status of my laptop.

    Long story short I kept asking for a time estimate or a progress report and got excuses until I eventually called them after approximately 2 months of getting nowhere. After being put on hold for an hour or so I finally got to talk to someone. This person had no idea what they were doing. Eventually he figured out his job and asked what I'd like to know. I asked when I might have my laptop would be back and the man just said "I cannot say". This angered me so I asked if there was a manager around. Five minutes later I had the manager of the place on the phone telling me he'd escalate the repair and get some info for me, undoubtedly to get me to go away. He told me he'd call back as soon as he got information on the repair. It's been 2 weeks since that phone call and I've lost my patience. I want my laptop back more than ever.

    The fact I've been without my laptop for 2 months due to the inability of the repair crew is absolutely ridiculous. Unless there's a change VERY soon, Asus can forget ever getting any of my money again. Do note I am still without my laptop and still without any update on the progress. I honestly jist want my laptop back at this point. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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