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    ASUS ROG Strix GL503 - Detailed Insights


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    The ROG STRIX GL503 provides all the necessary tools to raise your mastery of the game to the next level. Engineered with the newest Intel® Core™ i7 processor, up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 graphics and Windows 10 Pro, Strix GL503 equips you to control the competition.

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    The all-new Strix GL503 is as sleek in appearance as it is strong in performance. Its understated, black brushed-metal cover conveys an inner focus and sophistication possessed by the most dedicated players — those who know how to keep their calm during even the most ferocious confrontations. In contrast, the deep, rich red of the thermal fin represents the blood let in search of victory, while the bold indentation and hairline-pattern finish on the lid projects Strix GL503 as a piece of modern art.

    Cooling Fins :

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    The Thermal technology keeps everything cool no matter the workload. PC cooling used to keep temperatures within a specified range to avoid software crashes and prevent damage to the components. Today, staying in the thermal sweet spot can also influence performance by allowing the CPU and GPU to maintain higher Turbo and Boost frequencies.

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    Duo Thermal gives each chip its own heatsink and a powerful 12V fan to ensure optimal cooling even when the system is fully loaded. The GL503 has an intelligent thermal design that employs heat pipes and dual fans to automatically adjust the cooling system for optimized CPU and GPU performance. The specially-crafted venting holes above the keyboard and in the bottom of the laptop allow more intake of cool air. The upgraded 12V fans, which spin at higher speeds compared to traditional 5V blades, drive strong airflow to boost cooling efficiency, so you’re free to run the CPU and GPU at full speed without thermal throttling. An additional fan-boost function further increases cooling performance and guarantees total stability.

    Left & Right Side Ports:

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    The Strix GL503 has 2 x USB 3.0 Type A port on left side, a HDMI port, Mini – Display port, 3.5mm audio jack, RJ-45 cable network jack, Power input jack.

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    The right side of the laptop contains 2X USB 3.0 Type A port, 1xUSB 3.1 type –C and SD Memory Card slot.

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    Strix GL503 is renowned for outstanding portability and superior performance: Weighing only 2.5kg, and with a thin 2.3cm profile, Strix GL503 packs agile gaming firepower that allows you to enjoy gaming anytime and anywhere.


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    With a 15.6” IPS panel display and an anti-glare matte finish, the screen has 60 Hz refresh rate with 300nits providing sharp and smooth visual experience with very good brightness. It has a 100% SRGB & 72% NTSC value.

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    IPS Display Quality TN Display Quality

    IPS is a liquid crystal display (LCD) technology that gives greatly contrast and color consistency even at extreme viewing angles. IPS panels have much wider viewing angles than other LCD technologies such as TN Panels.
    Strix GL503 is crafted in gunmetal gray and finished with the cold, dark feel of brushed metal, exuding the overwhelming ambient of the elite gamer.

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    The Screen resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080 and it is equipped with an HD video Camera, as well as ambient light sensor and dual array microphone.


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    The ROG Strix GL503 has an Anti-Ghosting Keyboard with N-Key roll over. This greatly helps the gamers while playing. As Gamers press the keyboard for very fast actions, Other keyboards might miss a key press which will result in game loss. But in GL503 with the N key roll over, We can press 30 keys simultaneously and it will still register the correct key presses.
    The laptop features a full-size keyboard with separate numeric keys, a 0.25mm deep curved keycap with a 1.8mm key stroke with ROG's exclusive Over stroke technology.

    Continued ....
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