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    Question ASUS G750 JZ charging issues, blinking green battery light

    Hello everyone!

    Almost three and a half years ago I bought my G750 JZ and during that time it has served me well. Sadly, over the course of the past 6 months, I've had recurring charging issues. The computer would repeatedly go into battery mode in spite of being plugged in and the charging indicator LED on the front of the laptop would turn off. Usually, a few adjustments to the angle of the plug relative to the DC input would restore charging. I did note that the connection was usually lost when playing games requiring high performance, but sometimes it would happen even when doing menial tasks such as managing word documents etc.

    Here is where things get strange. During the last month or so, it became increasingly difficult to restore charging once it stopped, no matter how much I turned the plug around or tried to blow dust away like an old NES cartridge. Suspecting the big old adapter brick or the power jack, I used a multimeter to see if the adapter was broken. Not so. I received about 19.4 V from the output plug (with the adapter plugged into a different power socket than the one I used normally, though). Since my phone also had issues powering up from the same power jack I used for the computer, I simply switched to a wall socket and went with that. All seemed fine, for a while...

    Then, a few days ago, the problems came back and now the power input seems to be even more sensitive to the angle of the plug! Changing wall sockets won't restore the recharge either. Strangely, sometimes while plugging in the adapter into the computer, the laptop's battery LED would blink green. There's no explanation for a blinking green signal in the manual and I haven't run into an explanation online either. Supposedly a blinking light on the adapter can indicate a short circuit, but the adapter LED is solid green even when the computer's light is blinking.

    I'm going to take the computer in for repairs during the coming week, but I'd be happy to know if someone else has run into this or a similar issue, or know of a fix? What's the likely problem? I'm guessing it's the DC input that is broken somehow but it's not loose or anything from what I can tell.

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