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    Can't load Windows 10 from Crucial MX300 M.2 in laptop Asus GL552JX

    Hi, I have installed Windows 10 in my new Crucial MX300 SSD M.2. My laptop is an Asus GL552JX and I have a HDD of 1TB as well. Previously to install Windows 10 in the new SSD, I formatted the HDD.

    The problem is that my bios doesn't give me the option to boot an OS from the new SSD M.2. I just can choose the HDD, the DVD optical drive or USB drive when I connect one.

    It is so strange, because when I check SATA configuration in the BIOS, I can see that the SSD is connected. But, when I check the booting options doesn't appear. I have updated my BIOS and I have changed many seting, but there is no way to select the SSD in the BIOS.

    I think that the SSD is in good condition because if I install Windows 10 in the HDD, I can see and use the SSD with Windows interface.

    So I don't what can I do to boot Windows 10 from the SSD M.2.

    Could be that this kind of SSD M.2 doesn't allow to boot OS? Or maybe I should intaller some controller in the BIOS?

    Many thanks.

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