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    Buildlog - Liquid cooled GPU (G20CI - GTX1080 Turbo - Corsair H90)

    This is my first post on this buildlog, my idea is to liquid cool the GTX 1080 that hits the 85C mark everytime I'm gaming.

    My approach is very simple, do avoid modding the case as far as I can. The general idea is to have the radiator mounted outside the case (inside would have been impossible). The parts used for this mod are the following:
    • Kraken G10 (modified)
    • Noctua 92mm fan low profile (NF-A9x14)
    • Noctua fan controller (NA-FC1)
    • Corsair H90
    • Aluminium Heatsinks for VRAM and Mosfets
    • 140mm fan for the rad

    Ill keep you guys posted!

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