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    Should I be worried? Strix OC 1080 Ti SLI Temps

    I've recently got a 2nd Strix OC 1080 Ti as a gift and put them in an SLI configuration with my other Strix OC 1080 Ti. There is a single slot space between both cards. When Benchmarking/Gaming the top card would reach temps at around 84C, should I be worried? I've adjusted the fan curve to max out at 80% and I have a case fan blowing on them from front intake. Should I go back to single card config? I'd rather not leaving the side of my case open.

    I've been reading online that 84C is the throttle point and that they are designed to run at these temps for hours, but I still worry.

    Thanks for reading!

    TL;DR: is 84C too high for this card and should I go back to single card set up.

    2x Strix OC 1080 Ti
    Asus Strix Z270E motherboard
    Phanteks P400S TG

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