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    Advanced RMA for Maximus VIII Hero


    I created a support ticket about my Maximus VIII Hero motherboard (paired with an I5-6600K) having freezing issues when in the middle of games. Using the computer for other tasks (such as research or Word) seems to be no issue so it must be under certain complex loads. Everything is stock clocked and I've tried various stress and memory tests without reproducing the issue. I've ruled out the RAM as the cause. Looking online it would appear that other people have had similar issues with Skylake and it's either the CPU or the motherboard that's the problem

    Support agreed to RMA the motherboard but for some reason I didn't qualify for advanced RMA
    This is my daily driver computer and I'd like to have as little downtime as possible

    Is there any way to get an advanced RMA for this?

    Thanks in advance

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