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    Realtek (HD Audio Manager) crashes games and screws up online videos (Youtube etc.)

    I have tried everything. Nothing works. I wonder if any of you guys could help a frustrated man....
    I have had this problem for a year, and I'm ripping my hair out.
    I run Windows 8.1 and my computer is an Asus Rog G551JW.

    My problem is bluescreens, game crashes and videos only buffer but can't play randomly. And this happens, from what I understand the Realtek drivers/Realtek HD Audio Manager. Perhaps you're wondering why I just won't skip these Realtek "amazing **** fest of drivers" - it's a simple reason: My headset (Steelseries) microphone wont work without them.

    I tried several times to uninstall and reinstall the drivers - even tried older ones.
    Tried to clean registry
    Tried to repair Windows
    Tried to install Windows 10 - maybe the audio would work on that, I dont know, because the power to the USB's turns off. In other words - no mouse or any gamepad works. I truly hate Windows.

    The bluescreens I use to get is "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE" and are seemingly most present when I run my computer without the power cable.

    I don't know what to do, is there any expert out there that knows what all this is about?

    As soon as I install Realtek and can get use of my microphone I'm bound to expect game crashes, bsods and for example Youtube videos just buffer but wont play until I restart the browser. I've also tried reinstalling flash and Java.

    When games freeze, I can't navigate anything. I managed to turn on the task manager to always show in front of all the other problems, that atleast helps me from force quiting the game instead of always restarting the computer.

    Please someone help me!

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