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    Game runs like trash on powerful computer!

    if any admin see the popping issue post in gaming, please remove it as I have resolved it, however this post was meant to be directed towards far cry 3 as the other post duplicated the title name twice, anyway made a similar post in far cry 3 discussions on steam, but got no help at all and just ignorant answers with people saying "works fine for me idk what your prolem is." Anyway My framerate for this game is jumping and dropping all the time, very annoying even though i have a top notch graphics card. nvidia gtx 1070 8gb. any ideas? regardless if i have vsync on or off, my drivers are fully updated. If i have vsync on, I get around 90fps but it drops to 60 and goes to 100 and all over the place, making the game look very laggy, if anyone knows anything on how to tweak the game please let me know, there is no reason why it should be running this bad, also I my computer has G-sync.

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