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    Lightbulb Sharing my experience about the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti upgrade on a G20 AJ

    Hi everyone,

    Even though I just registered here, I've been reading this forum for a long time and today I wanted to share my experience regarding the upgrade of my G20 AJ from a GeForce GTX 970 to a GeForce GTX1070 TI. I haven't seen anyone posting about this specific graphic card so I thought some of you wanted to know which models work before upgrading their rig.

    First of all, I bought the ASUS Turbo GeForce® GTX 1070 TI, which is actually one of the cheapest of all the 1070 Ti's with Blower-type ventilation.

    The dimensions are almost the same as the 970 and it fits perfectly in the Graphic card case inside the chassis (see all the great how-to videos that you can find on this forum). Since my model had a 970, it made it easier as I didn't need to get a 8-pin PCI-E cable. This GPU doesn't require more as it has only a 8-pin socket.

    The installation went pretty good, once you opened the G20 AJ several times (I had upgraded the SSD last year) it's not that difficult as the GPU is the easiest component you can access to.

    The second part though, the booting part, didn't go as smoothly as I thought. I knew the power consumption in games could reach 180 watts and could be problematic as some of you experienced already with GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti models, especially with older models of G20's (AJ) but I didn't expect my PC would reboot every 10 minutes and that it could barely reach Win 10's desktop before crashing. After several tries (resetting Bios to default, removing any Turbo or any boost for CPU that could bring a to higher consumption) I realized the random booting were still happening every 15/30 minutes.

    So I reopened the case. And I checked all the power cables. I randomly moved the PCI-E power cable (I unplugged/plugged it, etc...). I also moved the JDC11 jumper on the motherboard (then put it back to its correct position - see tutorial vids for that). I also did a Clear CMOS via the other jumper on the MB.

    (Thanks to Welsh gaming for all your great vids about the G20's)

    And that's pretty much it. I knew already these things wouldn't be enough. After loading the optimized settings in the Bios, I managed to boot without too much problems but I instantly reinstalled Win10 using the Start Fresh feature from build 1607 (

    Win10 Installation went fine, I really thought I would get some random reboots but luckily everything was fine.

    Now it's been 2 weeks, and I never crashed and never got any random reboots yet. So I guess the hardware/software clean up helped to re-detect properly my new graphic card. Currently I'm using on MSI Afterburner a power limit of 91% and I didn't experienced any issues. The Max temperature I get is 79° in games and benchmarks and performances in games are great. Here is a few benchmark results and I guess I'm kind of in the results expected for a reference model.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Overall, I paid 425 euros for this graphic card, it was a pretty good deal and I'm quite happy even though it was a bit of a struggle but now it runs great and the fan noise is not that bad, it's almost the same as the 970 and maybe less (or I'm just getting used to it). I'm pretty sure if you optimize the fan management through Afterburner you 'll get something barely noisy during games.

    I hope this topic will help someone as this forum helped me a lot in the past 2 years after buying my G20's. Feel free to ask if you need more info or have questions regarding 1070 Ti!

    Joe Gillian
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    Post upgrade

    i have rog g20 aj with gtx 760 2gb , i want upgrade to gtx 1070 ti

    i have 180+230w ps

    but the gtx 760 has 6 pin and 1070 ti 8 pin

    if i got 8 pin cable .. will every thing working will ?

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