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    Armory II with Spatha issues

    I'm used to making advanced macros and using those macros in parallel and toggled using Cyborg software. (Ie Diablo 3 running Macro A activating ability x every 20s while toggled while also running macro B activating abilities y and z every 2 seconds)

    Am I not using armory correctly? Whenever I get a toggled macro going, if I try to use another macro, it shuts down the previous toggled macro.

    Also, is there an advanced window where you can enter macros based on mouse button states? (Ie button down vs button held vs button up? I have made use of macros that would activate an attack key on button down then activate the block key while the button is held down, then dodge when released. So with one button I could attack and dodge or attack and block then dodge away. Another favorite is hooking up shift down with button down, putting ability x in the held action, then shift up on button up.

    I really thought my upgrade from Mad Catz Rat 7 MMO to the Spatha would let me keep the same functionality, but it seems the Armory is limited in what it can do.

    I can't seem to figure out how to save multiple game profiles for one game with all the button assignments. Example I play one character class using all different macros and button assignments from another within the same game.

    If they aren't in armory, is there a possibility that they will be added in the future?

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