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    The Meltdown patch patch is hitting intel cpus hard for some realbench scores image editing being one.

    P9600 15% slower "Image Editing" & 3% slower "Encoding"
    5300 (OC@3.1G) 18% slower "Image Editing", 32% slower "Encoding" & "Heavy Multitasking" 31% slower compared to Pre kb4056892
    i7 5960x @ 4.4Ghz 32% slower "Image Editing", 9% slower "Encoding" & "Heavy Multitasking" 8% slower compared to Pre kb4056892

    On the other hand my AMD Phenom II x4 840 & FX8350 systems are actually slightly faster post kb4056892.

    The microcode update is also hitting intels hard for HDD speeds!AtdIXtP0ECLm0UaF1RQiOWqZJLgC

    I think you can figure out what is pre and post microcode on I9-7900X

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