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    Exclamation [LINUX] Fan speed issue on GL753VE - nvidia, bumblebee, bbswitch, ACPI

    Currently there exists a major issue on GL753VE laptop (and possibly other similar Asus products) when using Linux, that causes fan speed to go out of control and be stuck at 100% until the system is powered off (reboot is not enough). This severely hinders the usability of this product.

    The problem begins when user wants to use the discrete GPU (nvidia gtx 1050Ti in this case). The user has to go through the optimus mechanism, because there is no "discrete-only" switch in Bios to permanently switch to using the nvidia GPU for everything.

    On Linux, the usual way to use an optimus card is via bumblebee [0]. Bumblebee relies on bbswitch [1] to power the discrete GPU on and off.

    On Asus GL753VE, powering the discrete GPU *on* works fine, and the card itself works well (accelerated rendering performs well). However, when powering the card *off* is when the strange thing happens. About 10 seconds after bbswitch issues the off command, the system fan (there is only one fan on this laptop) starts to work at 100% speed (*very, very* loud) and there is no way whatsoever to turn it off or make it spin down.

    The issue has been discussed many times and has reported to the relevant projects [2] [3] [4] [5], but apparently this is not so easy to fix and the underlying cause is in the Asus DSDT (ACPI) tables [6].

    I have Bios version 302 which I beleive is currently the up-to-date version.

    This laptop is my first Asus model, I have been a lifetime Dell user. I have been struggling to solve this for nearly two months now. It would be nice if Asus assisted somehow in solving this issue.

    Looking forward to your response.


    EDIT 2019-11-30: SOLVED
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