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    Rampage 6 Extreme, Problems with PC Need help diagnosing cause

    Hi, I'm new to this forum as well as PC building compared to a lot of people on here so I thought I would try get some help with problems on a new PC I've built.
    PC Specs:
    Intel i9 7980XE
    Asus Rampage 6 Extreme
    64GB 4x16 DDR4 Corsair Dominator Platinum Quad Channel 2400MHz 14-16-16-31 1.2v
    2x EVGA 1080ti FTW3 Elite (In SLI) with a ROG HB SLI Bridge
    512GB Samsung NVME M.2 SSD for my OS Windows 10
    1TB Samsung 850 PRO SSD
    NZXT Kraken X62 AIO CPU Cooler
    EVGA SuperNova 1600W T2 PSU
    Cooler Master H500P Case ( Wish I got a different case but it fits/works I guess)

    When I first built my PC outside of the case using the Ram/CPU/Cooler/PSU/ and both graphics card. Even In the BIOS (Version 0802) it would freeze constantly. After messing around I took out the second graphics card and then things began to work enough to get Windows 10 running as well as some drivers, after a while it started freezing again. at this point I thought the motherboard may have been damaged as one of the fan connectors had an out of place pin, so I went back to the retailers and got it replaced with a new one.

    Second time building the PC it was still freezing constantly, even within the BIOS with the new motherboard. So now I used Memtest86 to test my RAM individually in the first slot, Each one worked so I then began adding the RAM back into their places one by one and testing them as I went. As soon as I got to adding my last 2 RAM sticks into the right side of the motherboard the PC began freezing again.

    I removed these 2 sticks again and was able to use my PC fine. At this point I'm sure it must have been my RAM but just to make sure I wasn't missing anything I updated all my drivers once more including BIOS to 1004. I also used the Intel CPU Diagnostic tool which passed every time.
    I then added my other 2 RAM sticks back in and everything managed to work. At this point I then activated my XMP profile to get my memory working at 2400MHz
    I instantly started to see my PC wasn't working as well and when I used the Intel CPU Diagnostic tool for the send time I got a BSOD for WHEA UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR.

    So I removed my XMP profile and did the same diagnostic again with all 4 RAM sticks running at stock, this time it passed a few times but would freeze for a few seconds at some tests before then starting failing at the Floating Point test constantly after a for loops of the test.

    Giving up for the night I went to shut down the PC and received a BSOD for INVALID IO BOOST_STATE, I'm now at a stage where I have reinstalled Windows with the latest drivers just to make sure everything was fresh this time, but I have yet to try enabling my XMP again but I feel it will still be broken. Also my PC feels like it's running a lot slower then what it should given the specs as well as freezing for a few seconds every so often while in use.

    Lastly I have also noticed that when turning on my PC only one graphics card lights up until I'm in windows before the other lights up, as well as in the BIOS my top slot card is named as the second, and second named at the first, and The fans don't spin at all until I make them spin with EVGA Precision, I know they're meant to spin at a certain heat level but my cards have been burning to the touch at points when the fans still haven't spun so I'm not sure whats going on

    I have read some issues with this Motherboard causing freezing but I also feel like either my RAM or CPU is defective, this is where I need help as I don't know what could be broken out of my hardware, or how to fix it and make this brand new PC run at the speed it should be.

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