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    Navigation Button on PG348

    Hi all.
    I bought an Asus ROG Swift PG348 around 3 months ago, It's been great so far.
    However last night I was navigating the menu's with the little directional nub and the nub came loose with my finger on it. It's completely disconnected itself from whatever was holding it in place. It's now completely loose. There was very little force being used and I was very surprised at how easily it just came off.

    Regardless, it won't go back on, it doesn't seem to slot into whatever it was held on with. I've now lost all directional movement. The click still work's, so I can still click down and bring up the menu, however I cannot move around the menu's.
    Thankfully it's currently overclocked at 100Hz but if it was to somehow reset itself, I'd now have no way to re-apply the overclock.

    Anyway, What should I do? I've had a look at the back panel around the navigation buttons and there doesn't seem to be anyway of easily accessing the buttons. And even if there was, I'm not sure I'd want to for fear if voiding my warranty.
    Anyone know of another way of navigating the menu or any advice in general?
    Thanks in advance.

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