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    Raid 0

    I dont know if this problem is with the windows kb4054022 fix or why its on my setup when i dont run intel but my benchmarks on read and write are worse than one drive. both samsung 960 pros.and befor the update the scores wern't that great just an example like befor 4000 read and 3500 write which was nothing compared to running raid on a intel system now their both around 2500 2100 asus zenith extreme amd treadripper 1920x corsair vengence 3000 oc memory 2 samsung 960 pro's zotac gtx 1080 amp extreme enermax 240 tr4 water cooled evga super nova 1300 g2 ps just wondering if i go back to none bootable it would be slower than it was befor with this windows patch which i think is the reason for the slower reads

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