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    USB 3.1 Frontpanel

    I am looking for a USB 3.1 (10Gb/s) 20Pol- connecter) frontpanel for the Asus Crosshair 6 Hero. A special connector is on the motherboard for that. Could not find a real Frontanel for it yet. Who has some ideas? Page 1-21

    i found that thing: but this isnt the right one.

    i cant find anything about that in the www. Maybe u?
    Mainboard:ASUS +6H
    GPU: GTX 1080 Auros Gigabyte
    CPU: R5 1600X stock
    PSU: Be quiet straight power 10 500W
    RAM: Trident Z DDR4 3600 @3,2 Ghz CL16

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    usb 3.1 frontpanel

    You could purchase the Lian Li USB 3.1 Type-C Gen2/10G IO Port Cable PW-IC01NH45, make an appropriate cutout (say, through a blank 3.5" case insert panel), and install/attach it it that way. The latest packages even come with compatible mounting screws (to fit the cable "head").

    If you want an already made-up front panel with USB 3.1 [true USB 3.1], Lian Li makes one, but it is made as a replacement for some of their existing cases/front-panels. You would either have to have one of the specific Lian Li cases, or be willing to cut and/or modify an existing case to try to fit the Lian Li USB 3.1 front-panel
    in it.

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