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    Quote Originally Posted by ELIESEH View Post
    Enough is enough is enough �� We need to stop bying any monitors immediately. Its out of stupidity. They are stolen our money. I bought 2 weeks ago the XG2703-GS for 1000$ stuck pixel bad backlights bleed and ips glow out of box, changed it for a last chance, i cannot change again anymore in the store, bad backlight bleed and ips glow but no dead pixel for the second one. Today 2 dead pixels appears suddenly, i got crazy, my blood pressure go to 20, I destroyed the monitor and put it in garbage. Enough is enough. I swear to god i will not buy any new monitor until allll these bull**** issues fixed, no more AHVA panels never ever. AU OPTRONICS YOUR ARE THE DEVIL. If we continue support AUO and all the monitors manufacturing, they will never take the responsibility and respect customers.


    Now the monitor is in the garbage, I burned 1000$ and i learn to stop buying monitors until new technology comes.
    LCD to be dead.*
    you overpaid this XG2703-GS cost $699 here in america and we all knew about the pg27uq and the acer x27 for quite some time so its not a random purchase for alot of us it has been like 18 months since it was announced

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