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    Angry Code 00 after cold start of a Zenith Extreme Alpha --> SOLUTION


    my board has sometimes code 00 issues. That means after power switch on the display only shows CPU 00, then after some seconds the machine turns off automatically and on again with CPU 00 code again and stay there. Fans are turning meanwhile.

    I've tried power cycles with power cord off and on. Retry button, reflashing bios via USB, Clear cmos button. Nothing helps.

    The only thing which helps is to power off the machine, disconnect power cord and REMOVE CMOS BATTERY AND WAIT FOR 1 MINUTE.
    Then reinstall it and connect powr cord and start.

    Then you have to reload the hopefully saved bios profile. THAT'S it. Strange.

    I don't know when it will happen. Sometimes.

    Has anyone similar experiences?

    Zenith Extreme Alpha Rev 1.0
    CPU 2970WX running stock
    RAM Corsair 4* 16GB (3466 Mhz RAM) running at 2666MHz (a waste)
    PSU: ROG THOR 1200W
    Cooling: AIO RYUIJN 360
    BIOS: 2001 / or 1901 (there it will happen also)
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