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    Is AMD REALLY ready for Prime Time?

    I've been holding off on a new build waiting for the X390 chipset to plunk a Coffee Lake processor into it. I'd been tempted by AMD's new exciting kit and disappointed by Intel's itty bitty advances and silly pricing over the last 3 years. But I was planning on sticking with Intel as I've found Intel to be a pretty stable platform all in all. However, while waiting along comes Meltdown and Spectre. And just now I see Arne's thread ( Makes me wonder...should AMD be part of my next build?

    I had kicked around an AMD build a few weeks ago. As a huge Athlon fan from the past (when I really developed my overclocking and modding skills) I'd like to get back to trying AMD again now that they have some kick ass product. However, I remember the teething days from the past as well, and now I see quite a few threads that give the appearance that AMD systems are not completely smoothed out yet. Although I don't mind tinkering, I am older now and I need my systems and apps to work pretty seamlessly....unless I am the one pushing the envelope with a heavy overclock.

    The AMD forums seem filled with reports of niggling issues. Memory profiles, weird hibernation issues, problems with Aura features, fan control goblins, and a bunch of other things. So I'd like true feedback from the AMD guys here: Is AMD ready for prime time? Or does the stew need to cook up a little longer? AMD has gen2 Ryzen just around the corner. I would appreciate honest comments regarding both Ryzen and Threadripper.


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    It's not complicated if you look at it from a Production Date point of view, how long and Mature the hardware is.

    If I'm correct Ryzen came out Feb. 2017, this is just reaching 1 year, and you are talking about X390, which was July 2017, which makes it 6 months, and this is Bleeding Edge Technology...

    Bleeding Edge or Mature, that's the question for what you want to run...

    Of course some things can be bleeding edge and they turn out awesome, but how often is that.

    Depending on how things work out, I personally don't mess with hardware, unless it's all 1-2 years of age, but in my course of Geeking, I'd say 1 year 6 months has been more the norm for me, one year has been rare...

    Bugs take time...

    OH and let's not forget, waiting means lower prices too! LOL
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