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    GL553VD - i5-7300hq whining / buzzing CPU sound

    hi. i have an issue with a noise that GL553VD does. a little buzzing (like a mosquito) that annoys me if i m studying and my power plan doesn't reduce CPU clock to less than 70%. (2.5 GHZ, 3.5 boost, above 1.7GHz does noise)

    i think this i5-7300hq combo with this motherboard is not build well

    i ll explain
    there is a problem with C power states that in my laptop causes a whining / buzzing noise from the cpu when there is low load and high cpu clock

    i5 7300hq have access to this C states:
    C0 -> working CPU fully turned on
    C1 -> Halt Stops CPU main internal clocks via software; bus interface unit and APIC are kept running at full speed.
    C3 -> Sleep Stops CPU internal and external clocks via hardware
    C7 -> Deep Power Down - Reduces the CPU internal voltage to any value, including 0 V

    the problem is that when watching youtube videos (for example), my cpu throtles to intel boost technology or if not, stays at maximum clock cpu
    and because its almost no load, some cores gets out of C0, C1, and go to C7 (ThrottleStop shows me that on youtube, word, programming etc, 80% of cpu is at C7)
    and i ear a strange noise that doens't come from PSU.

    well. at night, when studying with no noise it somewhat deconcentrate me.

    i don't know how to work with ThrottleStop, but somehow i managed to force the cpu to C0, and the whinning stoped. But i m somewhat afraid to work with that program, because there are no tutorials, and when i forced the CPU to C0 state, my fan started working with more speed (2600 rpm instead of 2000), so changing from one noise to another is not an option aahah

    one problem of reducing CPU max clock is that youtube video lags when full hd.

    so what do you think?
    Best regards
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