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    AMD x399 RAID - OMG

    First I would like to say this is not my first build. This is however my first AMD build with threadripper and OMG can I say it has been exceptionally hellish for me and every single day I regret every going to the AMD camp.

    Lets start with the first nightmare of the manual for this motherboard being so lack luster of instruction it is crazy. Yes for [RAID] Set to Raid when you want to create a raid configuration from the stat hard disk drives. Magical expiation, like I didn't know what raid does already. Oh but wait lets look at section 4.1.2. Oh look, it tell me how to connect Serial ATA hard disks.

    Somebody, i mean freakin anybody, tell me why in the world that when I set my sata configuration to raid, the motherboard can not see anything but a single m.2 drive? Is there a magical key I need to press to get into raid config to initialize my drives? or maybe a jumper on the motherboard that says... hey look multiple drives are connected? What am I missing here?

    I have three m.2 drives and 4 HDD. I never had this type of issue when I was building any intel rig. The damn BIOS can not even see my blu-ray burner. But wait there is more. Anyone want to take a guess what the bios does when I set the sata controller to AHCI mode? yea that is right, it not only sees all my m.2 drives but all of my hdd and my blu-ray burner

    Yes I have the latest BIOS also installed which I believe is 0701. For everything this motherboard has going for it, the amount of crap is gives out has me wanting to go back to intel camp just because they have there crap together.

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