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    I have a brand new build with an ASUS Maximus IX that wont boot. Everything is new and bought over the last 60 days.

    I have a new core i7 processor, Balistic 4X16 DDR RAM, EVGA 1000 PS, Cool Master hyper 612 in an Antec gaming case.

    I have an EVGA card to go with it but have taken it out and am relying on the on board video. I have taken everything apart, re-seated all the power cables, re-seated 1 stick of memory, pulled the CMOS battery for 5 minutes and plugged it all in again.

    With just the MB, CPU, Fan and 1 stick of ram, still won’t boot.

    The led lights on the board come on but the MB won’t start from either the front switch or the MB. I have tried plugging fans into all the fan connections, still nothing. There are no error codes.

    The MB LED lights come on but no fan, no beep, no other activity.

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