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    Angry code : 92 Test NVRAM code 00 0D 6b 92 94 AU etc etc etc

    hi guy,

    i'm really tired of that code. i've try everything i see on the web to clear it and nothing to do. The only way to go to the bios was to flash it . after that I was able to boot in windows (able to do it 3 time on 10 but i got code 00 or OD).

    Last night i have unpluged everything, take the cmos battery off and lay it down all night long (around 10hours). I've plug everything back on this morning but there is still the code 92 or 94 test nvram.

    I'm really tired to loose my time with this bord and loosing working time !

    setup :

    asus zenith extreme bios 901 try 802 804 and 902
    1950x threadripper
    128 gb ram
    2 samsung m.2 960 pro (not raid, one to boot and software and one to work on it)
    raid controler card highpoint with raid 10 4*6tb
    psu 1600w

    graphics card :

    1080ti was working really well SLOT 4

    and i add

    2 card amd radeon pro duo (polaris) was working well but start to have the code 92 and 94 SLOT 1+2

    and i add

    radeon vega frontier SLOT 3 and the boot up problem started

    becose of the space I was using 16x 16x extension with the twin duo pro(slot 1 and 2) and the 1080ti slot 3 ans everything was working well. but i have bought the amd radeon pro vega frontiere edition to see if it could replace the radeon pro duo.

    what could I do guy's ?

    take all part off and all put it back ?!
    call a magician ?!

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